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Tired of dealing with annoying mosquitoes? These flying fiends can be much more than simply annoying – they can pose a serious threat to your health, so remember to be careful when you spend time outdoors this summer. When a mosquito bites you, the best case scenario involves an itchy bug bite, but here in New England, mosquitoes can also be carriers of West Nile Virus or EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis). Take care to cover up whenever possible, and to use mosquito repellents properly. These viral infections can be extremely detrimental to your health and in some cases, death is a very real possibility.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water, such as small stagnant ponds and swamps, as well as water that has collected in containers around your property, like buckets or tires. As summer arrives, mosquitoes begin to thrive and will remain active until the first frost in the fall. They are most active at dawn and dusk so if you don’t have to be outside during these peak mosquito hours, then don’t! If you like to open the windows of your home or workplace, be sure to install screens to keep pesky little bloodsucking mosquitoes out.

Ford’s Hometown Services offers two types of mosquito programs to help kill and repel active mosquitoes. Our trained and licensed technicians focus on areas of harborage and breeding, such as trees, shrubs, ground cover, under decks, bedding plants, and if applicable, wetlands. In addition, our trained applicators will also inspect and make recommendations to the homeowner that may reduce mosquito breeding areas. Both traditional and organic mosquito control services are proven to kill and repel fleas, ants, spiders, ticks, and other biting insects.

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Who Needs a Pest Inspection?

Who Needs a Pest Inspection?

Almost anyone who has bought or sold a home has to have a pest inspection (or WDI wood destroying insect inspection) performed to see if there are any active insect issues in the home. This is a very important step that requires only the best and most experienced...

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Got Mice?

Got Mice?

We here at Ford's Hometown Services provide our contract customers with preventative pest services. This means we do not wait until you have a problem and then take action. Our services for mice are year-round but for most customers we start baiting in August because...

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Bat Exclusions

Bat Exclusions

Ford's Hometown Services takes every effort to be sure bats are not harmed during our exclusions. When a colony of bats moves into an attic, bat guano gets everywhere, causes staining and can be very dangerous to inhale. Our goal in the  exclusion of bats is to allow...

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We here at Ford's Hometown Services provide our contract customers with preventative pest...

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Ford's Hometown Services takes every effort to be sure bats are not harmed during our exclusions....

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