Pest Inspection-VA/FHA Pest Inspection

Pest inspections-VA/FHA pest inspections are an important aspect of home-buying and home inspections if you’re buying a home with an FHA or VA loan. Pest inspection-VA/FHA pest inspection is a specialty of Ford’s Hometown Services. Our technicians are experts at pest inspection-VA/FHA pest inspection for a wide variety of pests, including carpenter ants, termites, powder post beetles and old house borers. All our pest inspection-VA/FHA pest inspection technicians are fully license and insured.

Our pest inspection -VA/FHA pest inspection professionals respond quickly to pest inspection requests and conduct rigorous, thorough inspections of every inch of your property to ensure that any pests present are discovered and, if need be, targeted for eradication. Valid, government-approved paperwork is issued promptly and additional copies can be made available at no extra charge to keep your inspection and property transaction process moving forward.

A pest inspection-VA/FHA pest inspection includes a thorough inspection of the home’s interior and exterior, including all unattached structures on the property, such as sheds, detached garages and pool houses. Some inspection companies might not bother to have these buildings included in their pest inspection, thinking it’s unnecessary because they’re not attached to the home, but if any of these destructive type pests are living in close proximity, chances are it’s only a matter before they will find your home and inflict damage. For this reason our pest inspection-VA/FHA pest inspections include all structures.

Once a pest inspection-VA/FHA pest inspection anywhere in the greater Worcester County area is completed, our technicians provide a full, written report of their findings. If any pests are found, they can also provide free, onsite estimates.

Don’t let insect infestations ruin your chances of purchasing a new home through a VA or FHA loan. A pest inspection-VA/FHA pest inspection is vital for not only securing a VA/FHA home loan, but for securing your home against insect damage. Call the pest inspection experts at Ford’s Hometown Services today!