Fleas are a pest you will find indoors and out in your yard. They hop on and hitch a ride feeding on the blood of your pet.

Once fed, the flea will lay hundreds of eggs (50 per day) which fall off everywhere your pet goes. The egg will hatch into a larvae then go through the pupa stage, the only stage they are fully protected from the effects of pesticides. The pupa will remain until stimulated by something walking by. This is why when you go on vacation and your animal is removed you get hundreds of fleas all over you when you return.

Frequent vacuuming will remove these pests and can prevent a full blown infestation. Check with your veterinarian to see what they recommend for protecting your pet.

Treatment of the home is usually needed but our success rate usually requires only one treatment. Yes, you will see fleas after treatment due to hatching pupa, but the cycle will be unable to continue.

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