Powder Post Beetles extermination

Powder Post Beetles extermination in Worcester, MassachusettsWood-infesting, destructive insects are an unfortunate but common problem in New England. While most people might attribute their wood-destroying problem to termites, the actual cause might by powder post beetles.


Powder post beetles cause more confusion among homeowners than any other structure-infesting pest. Homeowners can get conflicting opinions about the damage they discover and what insect actually caused it. As a result, they end up treating the problem incorrectly, spending unnecessary money for treatments that won’t help. That’s why powder post beetles extermination should be left to powder post beetles control specialists such as Ford’s Hometown Services.


Powder post beetle is a term used to describe several small, wood-boring insects that reduce wood to a fine, flour-like powder. Damage is done by the larvae as they create narrow, meandering tunnels in wood as they feed. Infestations are discovered after noticing small, round “shotholes” in the wood surface. These are exit holes where adult beetles have chewed out of the wood after completing their development. Newly-emerged adults mate and lay eggs on or below the surface of bare (unfinished) wood. The eggs hatch into tiny larvae which bore into the wood, emerging as adults 1-5 years later, usually during the spring and early summer. Homeowners are more likely to see damage than the beetles, themselves, because the adults are short-lived and are active mainly at night.


Powder post beetles may attack both hardwoods and softwoods, which means that infestations may be found in structural timbers (beams, sills, joists, studs, subflooring, etc). Maple, beech, poplar and pine are especially susceptible to attack. Experienced powder post beetles exterminators like Ford’s can accurately diagnose the problem and provide the right powder post beetles spraying or other powder post beetles treatments to quickly and effectively eliminate the pests chewing on your home and furniture.


To learn more about powder post beetles elimination, talk with the powder post beetles exterminators at Ford’s Hometown Services.