Removal of Flies

Removal of Flies

Warm weather days mean spending time outdoors, but it also means dealing with pesky fly infestations. In Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other parts of New England, flies can be a real nuisance. That’s why the removal of flies by a reliable company, just like Ford’s Hometown Services located in Worcester, MA, is crucial.

Flies can pose a significant risk to the health of you and your family if they’re present in your home. Not only do flies spread disease, but they can act as carriers for parasites that have the potential to cause serious harm. That’s why the removal of flies from inside the house shouldn’t be neglected.

Here are the three steps that can be taken to remove flies from your home or business:

  • Identify the source of the fly infestation
  • Choose an appropriate fly removal method
  • Maintain cleanliness around your property to avoid future fly infestations

You know that flies aren’t just annoying, they can also spread diseases, contaminate food. Let’s look at some of the potential dangers posed by flies in your home.

Health Hazards Associated with Flies

Flies are known to carry more than 100 different kinds of harmful bacteria and can transmit any number of diseases, including salmonella, dysentery, cholera, and tuberculosis. All it takes is for a fly to land on your food for it to transfer these bacteria onto you.

With these devastating health hazards, it’s no wonder that you might be curious about removal of flies.

Contamination of Food and Furniture from Flies

Not only do flies pose a health risk when they come into contact with humans, but they can also contaminate food and damage furniture or other household items. When a fly lands on food or other surfaces, such as countertops or tables, it leaves behind dangerous germs that could make you sick if ingested.

In addition to this risk of contamination, the acidic digestive juices that flies excrete can damage wooden furniture or clothing over time. The removal of flies will ensure you no longer need to stress about food or furniture contamination.

Preventative Measures for Massachusetts & Rhode Island Property Owners

The best way to prevent a fly infestation is by keeping your home clean and eliminating sources of food waste. Make sure all garbage cans have tight-fitting lids, empty them regularly, and store them away from windows and doors so that flies cannot get inside.

It’s important to keep up with these best practices even after removal of flies to ensure they don’t return. For thorough fly removal services, call the experts at Ford’s Hometown Services. Our experienced technicians will ensure your fly infestation is gone – and stays gone for good.

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