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squirrelAs a homeowner, the sight of squirrels on your property is nothing out of the ordinary; but Ford’s Hometown Services, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, is here to help. After all, what happens when those adorable fluffy-tailed critters find their way inside your home? It’s alarming and potentially hazardous – making squirrel removal vital.

These small creatures may look cute, but they can cause significant damage to properties and pose health safety risks. Here are a few important things you’ll need to know:

  • Squirrels are known for their persistence, especially when they've found a comfortable place to nest – often in attics or basements of homes.
  • Squirrels chew through wires, woodwork, insulation, and more – leading to expensive repairs.
  • Squirrels carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and pets, making them a significant concern.

Understanding why squirrels come into our homes is essential for keeping them at bay. There are several reasons why squirrels may invade your living space. Firstly, squirrels are avid nut hoarders – your home may look like the ideal place to store their food for the winter. Secondly, squirrels may come into your home to keep warm during colder months. Thirdly, they may be seeking shelter and safe spaces from predators outside. If you find squirrels inside your home, don't take the matter lightly. Call a squirrel removal expert to sort out the problem immediately.

There are a variety of tactics homeowners can use to keep squirrels out of their homes. Start by securing your garbage cans tightly to cut off their food sources. Seal any openings in your exterior walls and roof that can provide entry to squirrels. Similarly, trim your tree branches and bushes to reduce access to your roof. It’s also important to avoid feeding squirrels as this might encourage them to see your house as a source of food. Taking these precautions will make your home less attractive to squirrels looking for a new place to nest.

If squirrels have invaded your home, the best course of action is to enlist a professional animal removal service. Experts understand the behavior of squirrels and have the know-how to safely capture or remove them from your home and property. Squirrel removal will also be equipped to identify any entry points squirrels may be using to access your home and recommend solutions for how to seal those areas up.

It's crucial to act promptly when you notice signs of a squirrel infestation, such as gnawing sounds, droppings, or evidence of nesting materials. To keep your home squirrel-free, it’s vital to identify the reasons why they come into your home and work to prevent those situations. By taking straightforward measures such as securing your garbage cans, trimming your bushes, and sealing any open holes, you’ll deter squirrels from entering your home.

However, if squirrels have already made their way inside your home, don't delay in contacting a squirrel removal specialist, like Ford’s Hometown Services. Our experienced technicians ensure these rodents are removed from your home and recommend measures to prevent future infestations. Don't hesitate to address your squirrel issues – get an instant free quote and let us help you restore order in your home!

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