Stinkbug Control and Removal

Do you have unwelcome company in your home in the form of stinkbugs? You’re not alone. These little pests can be a huge source of frustration due to their persistence and their stench! Finding a reliable stinkbug control team doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. Here at Ford’s Hometown Services, stinkbug control and removal is just one of the many specialties on the menu. Our expert technicians have seen it all, from bats in the attic to skunks in the basement and more, and they will put their experience to the test to solve your problems.

The stinkbug’s true name is the Western Conifer Seed Bug, and they typically live in pine trees   They are a common nuisance, especially in the fall when they migrate indoors to over winter.  These insects are determined to find their way indoors and and have a tendency to be a nuisance throughout the winter. Even when it is below zero outside,  indoor temperatures are warm enough to keep these bugs from going into a deep hibernation. That’s why people see active stinkbugs in their homes all winter long.

Evolution has gifted the stinkbug with a powerful olfactory weapon, meant to convince would-be predators to look elsewhere for a meal. That makes stinkbug control and removal a little more difficult for the average homeowner than when it comes to dealing with other ordinary pests. The smelly liquid that alarmed stinkbugs spray into the air can be painful if it gets into your eyes and can even land you in the hospital. Don’t take your chances with stinkbug control and removal.

Stinkbugs typically feed off plants and fruits, sucking out the juice. These pests can do significant damage to crops and decorative plants. When the colder weather arrives, stinkbugs commonly invade homes and buildings looking for shelter through the winter.

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