Tick Control

As the summer weather settles in, more and more people are spending time outdoors, which means they are more likely to be up close and personal with all kinds of insects and pests. Tick control is more important than ever, especially as ticks can represent a serious health threat for anyone they bite. Lyme Disease is no joke! If you are searching for help with tick control, look no further. Ford’s Hometown Services is your one-stop shop for pest control in the surrounding area.

Tick control will also decrease the number of victims of Lyme disease this season. By learning about the environments that ticks thrive in, and how they interact with people, you will be able to protect yourself. Stay healthy this summer by educating yourself about tick control. Ticks live in moist, humid areas, typically in tall grasses or wooded areas. Avoid brushing up against bushes and shrubs as this is a common way for ticks to hop on. Avoiding ticks is much easier than trying to cure Lyme disease after the fact.

Don’t let ticks control your life! You don’t have to be afraid to leave the house when you know how to handle any encounters with ticks. It’s a good idea to use repellents, check for ticks all over, and shower after you spend time outdoors. If you have pets, be sure to check them for ticks too as any ticks on your pets can find their way into your home and appear in very unexpected places. Call Ford’s Hometown Services today for tick control assistance or if you are dealing with any other pests!